the recovery of “forgotten stories”

In terms of Roy Batty, the famous Blade Runner replicant wonderfully played by Rutger Hauer in 1982, arises the present manifesto. We have tried to capture on it all the sensations that Archaeology evokes. We seek to convey all the emotions, dreams, experiences and the history of humankind through the eyes of the archaeologist. The main involvement of this science in the recovery of “forgotten stories” is essential, stressing the unique moment of the discovery. Timeless and universal, the narrative is part of the maxim “The future will be the past.

  • Besides the standard poster format (19.5” x 27.3”; 50 x 70 cm), we have upgraded it to a current and more resistant material over time: vinyl (16.4” x 11.6”; 42 x 29,7 cm)
  • It is also possible to acquire it for wider spaces (39” x 97.5”; 1 x 2.5 m)
  • For every Archaeomanifesto purchased, we give €5 to support the costs of participation in an archaeological Field School or fieldwork project of an archaeologist-to-be (for further details, visit our blog)
  • Available in Spanish and English