Indy’s bag 2.0

upgrade of the MkVII Satchel

Indy’s bag 2.0  is not a copy but the upgrade of the MkVII satchel, a British gas mask bag of WWII, very versatile due to the resistance and distribution of its compartments.   While we have preserved its interior, perfectly suited to our time, we have skipped those details which were useless, making it more attractive and functional.

  • You can even carry your MacBook Air as well!
  • Size: 12.1” (H) x 10.9” (L) (31 x 28 cm). Depth: 3.1” (8 cm)
  • In line with our firm commitment, investing in the past is ensuring our future, for every Indy’s bag purchased we will give €5 to projects aimed at preserving, researching or restoring our Cultural Heritage